The Real Worship Center

"Where something good can come out of the Hood"


Thu. 8/15
Fri. 8/16
7:00 PM
9:00 PM
The Inpartation 2013

The Real Worship Center welcomes Bishop Dr. P.D. Landrew of St. Stephen's as he impacts the atmosphere as only he can with dynamic teaching.

Sat. 11/2 10:00 AM Real People Awards - Silent Heroes

Real Ministries celebrates with their annual Award Ceremony

Tue. 3/4 7:00 PM March Madness

Guest Pastor D. Uttley and The Art of Living Community Church

Tue. 3/11 7:00 PM March Madness

Guest Pastor R. Lewis and The Berean MBC

Sat. 3/15 9:45 AM Coming Out of The Closet Conference

Come out and be blessed through Powerful Women of God Preaching the Uncompromising Gospel of Jesus Christ. Be delivered from many issues that are holding you captive as exposure goes forth shining light....

1:15 PM Saving Souls on The Slab

The Real Worship Center host their quarterly Community Outreach event... Christian Hip Hop Concert, Basketball Tournament, Food, Fun & more....

Sun. 3/16 5:45 PM Saints Nite Out

D2S Productions teams with Just A.S.K. Productions to present an evening of Spoken Word, Jazz, Singing, & Dining. Come out and Relax with us enjoying the atmosphere glorifying God. Admission is only $10.00 and includes your meal.

Tue. 3/18 7:00 PM March Madness

Guest Rev R.E. Daniels and The Garden of Gethsemane B.C.

Tue. 3/25 7:00 PM Close Out March Madness
Tue. 10/13 7:00 PM Pastor Bernard Womack

Pastor B. Womack will be with The Real on this evening. Hope to see you there...

Tue. 10/20 7:00 PM Pastor Abe Jolivette
Sun. 10/25 6:00 PM Pastor Walter Pope

Pator Walter Pope of Macedonia Worship Center will be with The Real. Hope to see you there...

Fri. 10/30 7:00 PM Bishop G.E. Scott

Bishop G.E.  Scott of Impact Global Ministries will be with The Real. Hope to see you there..

Sat. 11/7 10:00 AM The Real People Awards The Real People Awards Luncheon will be held on this beautiful day. The Real People Awards will celebrate Houston's Unsung Hereos, those that are making a difference in our communities. Purchase your Ticket for this 5 star event @ https://www.eventb... more
Sun. 11/8 8:00 AM Celebration of The Decade

The Real Worship Center Celebrates 10yrs of Ministries with two dynamic speakers, Pastor Azor Barnes of Saved by Grace Restoration Ministries (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) and Dr. Paul D. Landrew of Loving Word....

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